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"This is a true AP® text.” - Greg Hill, John Horn High School (TX)


AP® author team: “This was written by a combination of college professors and high school teachers that give this program the right amount of rigor, but at the same time is accessible for high schoolers. Other textbooks seem to force feed students a book written for college geography courses. This is a true AP® text.” - Greg Hill, John Horn High School (TX)

"I am reading every word in the AP® Human Geo sample chapter because I'm teaching that unit right now. It is a beautiful book, and I am seriously considering jumping ship from the [competing] text. I love what your company is doing to help AP® teachers and students.” - Jane Highley, Devon Preparatory School, (PA)

Level and writing style: “A very accessible text for students that is easy to follow and blends important content with plenty of AP® practice.” - Benjamin Harris, Bishop Kelly High School (ID)

Content and organization: "The organization is great. The fact that it so perfectly aligns to the CED is a huge benefit to both teachers and students." - Sarah Passer, Somerset Academy Losee Campus (NV)

“The information is presented in a concise manner with emphasis on the necessary points. I like how they presented a concept, and then provided key examples to emphasize the issue in a real world fashion.” - Gary Birdwell, Urbandale High School (IA)

Maps and Visuals: "EXCELLENT GRAPHICS AND PHOTOS. It is like placing the reader in the culture. Well done. Maps are easily decipherable and graphics are well placed."  - Allan Folsom, Como-Pickton High School (TX)

"The maps and questions about the maps are great. That is a huge bonus to other texts. The practice and modeled FRQs are awesome as well. The text is very approachable for the students. It has a lot of great graphics and is put together in a way that makes it very readable for the students." - Stewart Parker, Winter Park High School (FL)

AP® Exam and FRQ Practice: "I also love that the FRQs are written in the correct format to the AP® exam with 7 parts. This is definitely a valuable section to have for both teachers and students. These questions are so much better than what my textbook currently has." - Morgan Patel, Montgomery Blair High School, MD

“I really enjoy the practice multiple choice and FRQs at the end of each module. It's nice to have some new examples!" - Amy Buchanan, Union Grove High School (WI)”