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Available for Fall 2024 classes, Achieve is our new online courseware offering flexible assessment tools and content to support students of all levels. This is a one-stop shop where students can easily:

  • Find their mobile-friendly and fully accessible e-book
  • Increase their understanding with ready-made quizzes
  • Complete online homework or exams
  • And finally, monitor their progress with the included gradebook


In Achieve, students can stay organized and on schedule with a user-friendly interface that is as powerful as it is intuitive. All of this easily integrates with your school's LMS for a seamless classroom experience.

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Proven Student Success

BFW’s Achieve online courseware is built on the same foundation as that of our parent company, Macmillan Learning.


Achieve launched for higher ed courses


The number of instructors using Achieve


The number of students using Achieve

Purposeful usage of Achieve is effective.

Students using more of their courses’ assignments and having higher grades on those assignments, had higher exam scores. Students with higher grades on their assignments (gradebook average) could expect to be 8 points higher on exams. Students that use or engage with less than the median student in each course can expect to perform 4% to 12% lower on their exams (depending on how much less work the student did), while students that use more than the typical, perform 1.5% to 3% higher on their exams.

Moving from -1 to +1 in assignment grade equates to a 8% difference in course exam score as percent correct. The 8% difference in exam scores represents the unique contribution from assignment grade.


88% of students said Achieve was easy to use.


82% of students agreed that Achieve helped them develop, practice, and apply skills associated with their course.


80% of instructors agree that Achieve helped students improve their knowledge of the course material.

Benefits & Features

Content to Enhance Your Teaching

Each Achieve course comes with a BFW e-book uniquely developed for the course it serves. These e-books include highlighting, note-taking, and search functionality and can be accessed online or downloaded for to multiple devices. Our e-books also prioritize accessibility, offering a read aloud feature, open dyslexic font, and translation into multiple languages if supported on the device.

Adaptive Quizzing for Personalized Learning

Some Achieve courses include LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing engine with personalized question sets and clear feedback based on each student’s correct and incorrect answers. LearningCurve offers an easy way for students to prepare for class by reviewing the e-book and then assessing their understanding of the key concepts.

Targeted Feedback to Build Understanding

The Achieve STEM courses include homework assessments that target specific misconceptions or misunderstandings. These formative assessments offer real-time, answer-specific feedback to help students build understanding of complex concepts.

Resources at Your Virtual Fingertips

A robust repository of teacher and student resources are easily accessible and assignable. Your resources include the TE-book, pacing guides, handouts, graphic organizers, PD videos, and more. Your students will benefit from the flashcards, simulations, videos, and tutorials.

Analytics Reveal Insights on Student Performance

Achieve’s Insights and Reporting feature provides powerful but user-friendly analytics at the individual student or whole class level. This elegant dashboard gives you and your administrators a window into student progress so lessons can be specifically tailored to students’ needs.

Integration with Your LMS or Rostering System

Our great content and resources + your LMS and rostering systems = a match made in…integration. Achieve integrates with most of the common systems. Click here to see options.

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