Features Overview

Unique AP® features no other text offers.

Complete coverage of AP® concepts

Rest easy knowing that all content, topics, and skills are represented in Human Geography for the AP® Course. The text provides complete coverage of all AP® concepts addressed in the 2019 framework. The 7 Units in the book match the 7 Units in the CED, with Modules addressing each Topic outlined in the framework.

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Easy-to-use modular organization

A modular organization pulls together content and AP® Exam practice into brief 1- to 2-day lessons. Shorter modules help students absorb the information without being overwhelmed and help you to more easily pace your Course.

Learning goals are listed at the beginning of each module to focus your students’ reading and guide their comprehension. Bulleted summaries conclude the modules, highlighting key takeaways that students should master before moving on to the next module.

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Appropriate level for your students

The authors’ friendly and approachable tone engages underclassmen, without sacrificing rigor.

Highlighted and defined key terms with relevant examples help students rise to the rigor of this AP® course. In addition to the glossary of geographic terms, we will also have an Academic Glossary to help underclassmen with terms they may not have encountered. Both glossaries will appear with a Spanish glosario.

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Discussion based photo exploration

The Seeing Geography feature offers the basis for engaging class discussion as students analyze the geographical patterns and trends found in photos.

This feature addresses Skill Category 4 in the CED and helps prepare students for stimulus-based questions on the exam.

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Opportunities for critical thinking

Subject to Debate provides students with opportunities to think critically about all sides of an issue when investigating current controversies in human geography.

This feature addresses the APHG® CED recommendation that you use debate for instructional activities. Our teacher’s edition will offer guidance on how to use the feature effectively.

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Scaffolded instructional data analysis

We begin the text with scaffolded instructions on how to read, interpret, and analyze data as presented in maps, graphs, and charts. Students then encounter an abundance of graphics throughout the modules, each with guiding questions, to help these young learners practice their emerging skills in data and scale analysis.

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Practice questions for every module and unit

AP® Exam practice questions at the end of every Module and Unit, and a complete practice exam at the end of the book offer your students ample opportunities to practice their newly developed skills. Assessment includes question sets and stimulus-based practice, and are all paired to specific skills in the CED.

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AP® Exam Tips

AP® Exam Tips found throughout the reading help students prepare for the Exam, by offering suggestions on specific content to focus on and highlighting potential pitfalls to watch out for come exam day.

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Step-by-step FRQ instruction and practice

At the end of each Module, the authors show an example free response question and rubric, providing students with a guide as they tackle answering the second practice FRQ for the Module.

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