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What’s the main difference between LMS Integration and Rostering?

Rostering uses school SIS data to automatically create courses in publisher platforms and have students and teachers automatically enrolled. Any roster changes happen automatically during a nightly sync. No grade passback to school course. Main responsibility lies with the school / district tech admin to ensure courses are paired correctly.

LMS Integration requires teachers to create their own courses with publisher courseware and then manually link to the school courses. Students must also register (via single sign on) Roster changes are handled manually by the teacher. Main responsibility lies with the teacher to create and link courses.

Key Definitions

LMS Integrations Definitions

Single Sign-On Access: Integrating our online learning platforms with an LMS allows teachers and students access to our content directly from the LMS. This eliminates the need to manage an additional username and password.

Assignment Linking: Teachers can provide links in the LMS that open directly to specific activities in our online learning platforms. This helps keep course materials organized in one location and makes it easier for teachers to provide our content at the right moment.

Self-Enrollment: The first time a student accesses a BFW assignment link from their LMS, they are automatically enrolled in the online learning platform course.

Automatic Grade Syncing: Teachers can add activities from our online learning platforms to their LMS gradebook. These activity grades automatically sync from the online learning platform to the LMS, so teachers do not have to keep track of multiple gradebooks.

Rostering Definitions

Single Sign-On Access: Using our rostering services also allows you to take advantage of single sign-on apps like Classlink, Clever, or SAML. Integrating one of these tools with BFW eliminates the need to manage an additional username and password for teachers and students.

Auto-Enrollment: Students are automatically enrolled into their BFW courses

Course creation / rostering automatic teacher
Single Sign On YES YES
Grade Passback NO YES*

(not for Google)

Manual / Auto Roster sync Auto nightly and manual available Manual - students must self-enroll in course via LMS
Supported partners Clever


Google Classroom







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