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At BFW High School, we pay close attention to the resources we develop for your classroom. We create Teacher’s Editions, Resource Materials, and ExamView Test Banks specifically for your course. Resources vary by discipline and title — search for your title and look for the Instructor Resources tab to see what’s available. And get what you need by choosing our program!

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Teacher’s Editions

Available for select AP® textbooks and on-level electives, our Teacher’s Editions (TEs) set BFW apart from all other publishers. We offer pacing guides, bell-ringers, organization strategies, teaching tips, differentiation activities, exam alerts (for AP® books), and more. Best of all, the TEs are designed to work in conjunction with Teacher’s Resource Flash Drives...


Teacher’s Resource Flash Drives

Convenient flash drives include additional resources such as chapter reviews, lecture and discussion topics, teaching strategies, demonstrations, and in-class/at-home projects, videos, worksheets, and alternate examples. Everything is designed to work in tandem with the Teacher's Edition.


Teacher’s Solutions Manuals

PDF/electronic manuals provide solutions to discipline-specific question sets.


ExamView Assessment Suite

Available for select titles, BFW test banks provide truly comprehensive assessment support with AP® multiple-choice questions and exam prompts. Non-AP® TBs include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer questions.

All of this in the familiar ExamView format which allows you to quickly create paper, Internet, and LAN-based tests. You can create and format a test in minutes in a fully customizable platform that lets you enter your own questions, edit existing questions, set time limits, incorporate multimedia, and scramble both answer choice and question order to prevent cheating. Detailed results feed directly into a gradebook.


Strive for a 5 Study/Prep Guides

Strive for a 5 guides provide students with a variety of helpful resources as they work with AP® content and prepare for the examinations.

Each guide is divided into two sections:

  • A study guide organized around our AP® textbooks and designed for use throughout the course.
  • A prep guide consisting of test-taking tips and practice exams.


Document Readers

Document readers are available for our history and government titles. The history readers bring together hundreds of documents from celebrated figures to ordinary people. Brief introductions provide context, while questions for analysis link the individual source to larger themes.

The government reader includes all required documents and supreme court cases with helpful tips and notes to help students understand what they are reading.


LaunchPad and Sapling

For the full suite of instructor resources for your title, request access to LaunchPad and Sapling. These digital platforms include all instructor resources, help teachers customize meaningful lessons and lectures, and come with a wide range of assessment tools. A gradebook also tracks student performance individually and for the whole class, helping you prepare for class and one-on-one discussions.