BFW Test Generator

The BFW Test Generator is an online assessment system that allows you to create and deliver tests from BFW products’ test banks.

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With BFW Test Generator, you can:

  • Create paper or online tests that you can print or export for use in your LMS (Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, etc).
  • Drag and drop questions to create tests.
  • Create and edit your own questions and edit publisher-created question sets.

Key features include

  • Our AP test banks include questions written in the exam style of the corresponding AP course and tagged with AP metadata important to the course.
  • Many questions types can be added, including: true/false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, multiple response, matching, numeric response, completion, multi-blank, drag-and-drop, ordering, and Likert scale.
  • Rich word processing features include support for equations, images, and tables.
  • Algorithm engine helps create dynamic questions.
  • Support for a wide variety of question metadata includes local, state, and national standards.
  • Question sets and tests can be exported for use in systems with browser lockdown capabilities, such as Respondus and HonorLock.

BFW Test Generator Training Options:

  • Live training sessions (coming soon)
  • Asynchronous training videos (coming soon)