Table of Contents

We invite you to explore the Human Geography for the AP® Course Table of Contents below.

Compare to the CED to see the direct alignment and complete coverage

    • Module 1: Introduction to Maps
      Module 2: Geographic Data
      Module 3: Spatial Concepts and Types of Diffusion
      Module 4: Human-Environmental Interaction
      Module 5: Scales of Analysis
      Module 6: Regional Analysis

    • Module 7: Population Distribution and Its Consequences
      Module 8: Population Composition
      Module 9: Population Dynamics
      Module 10: The Demographic Transition Model
      Module 11: Malthusian Theory
      Module 12: Population Policies
      Module 13: Women and Demographic Change
      Module 14: Aging Populations
      Module 15: Causes of Migration
      Module 16: Forced and Voluntary Migration
      Module 17: Effects of Migration

    • Module 18: Introduction to Culture
      Module 19: Cultural Landscapes
      Module 20: Cultural Patterns
      Module 21: Types of Diffusion and Their Historical Causes
      Module 22: Contemporary Causes of Diffusion
      Module 23: Diffusion of Language and Religion
      Module 24: Effects of Diffusion

    • Module 25: Introduction to Political Geography
      Module 26: Political Geography
      Module 27: Political Power and Territoriality
      Module 28: Types and Functions of Political Boundaries
      Module 29: Internal Political Boundaries
      Module 30: Forms of Governance
      Module 31: Challenges to State Sovereignty: Devolution and Supranationalism
      Module 32: Consequences of Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces

    • Module 33: Introduction to Agriculture
      Module 34: Settlement Patterns and Survey Methods
      Module 35: Agriculture Origins and Diffusions
      Module 36: The Second Agricultural Revolution
      Module 37: The Green Revolution
      Module 38: Agricultural Practices and Economic Forces
      Module 39: The Von Thunen Model
      Module 40: The Global System of Agriculture
      Module 41: Consequences of Agricultural Practices
      Module 42: Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture
      Module 43: Women in Agriculture

    • Module 44: The Origin and Influences of Urbanization
      Module 45: Cities Across the World
      Module 46: Cities and Globalization
      Module 47: The Size and Distribution of Cities
      Module 48: The Internal Structure of Cities
      Module 49: Density, Land Use, and Infrastructure
      Module 50: Urban Sustainability
      Module 51: Challenges of Urban Changes
      Module 52: Challenges of Urban Sustainability

    • Module 53: The Industrial Revolution
      Module 54: Economic Sectors and Patterns
      Module 55: Theories and Measures of Development
      Module 56: Women and Economic Development
      Module 57: Trade and the World Economy
      Module 58: Changes as a Result of the World Economy
      Module 59: Sustainable Development