Free Response Questions

Make preparing for FRQs easy


Preparing students for the free response questions on the AP® Human Geography Exam can be a difficult task. Human Geography takes the stress away by providing quality examples and practice questions.

Example questions and rubrics

Every module includes an example free response question and rubric. The examples allow students to see what will be asked and expected of them on the Exam.



“Your Turn” practice questions

Immediately following the example questions, students are presented with a “Your Turn” practice question. They are given the chance to develop and practice their skills answering free response questions in the Exam format using the example rubric as a guide.

End-of-unit practice questions

In addition to the end-of-module FRQ’s, each unit concludes with three FRQs. Two of the questions will address only the subject matter of the Unit and the third question is cumulative.



Questions in Exam Format

In sync with the APHG® exam format, the end-of-unit FRQs will have:

  • one question with no stimuli
  • one question with one stimulus
  • one question with two stimuli