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Introducing Achieve: the ultimate online learning tool for High School students taking math and science courses, including AP® and key electives. After years of development, we've created a platform that houses all the resources you need — assessments, e-books, and teacher support. With Achieve, teachers and students are supported every step of the way, from pre-class prep to in-class engagement and post-class study. Paired with exceptional STEM content, Achieve offers an unmatched learning experience.

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Benefits & Features

The Achieve platform gives teachers the control and flexibility to assign content and assessment that aligns with their course goals – whether that’s AP® frameworks, state standards, or national standards. Our complete courseware offerings combine our acclaimed STEM programs and assessments with carefully developed teacher and student resources designed to elevate student engagement and understanding while providing teachers with insight into class and individual performance.

  1. Interactive E-book

    Each Achieve course comes with a BFW e-book uniquely developed for the course it serves. These e-books include highlighting, note-taking, and search functionality and can be accessed online or downloaded to multiple devices. Our e-books also prioritize accessibility, offering a read-aloud feature, open dyslexic font, and translation into multiple languages if supported on the device.

  2. Online Homework with Targeted Feedback

    The Achieve STEM courses include homework assessments that target specific misconceptions or misunderstandings. These formative assessments offer real-time, answer-specific feedback to help students build an understanding of complex concepts.

  3. Teacher and Student Resources

    A robust repository of teacher and student resources are easily accessible and assignable. Your resources include the TE-book, pacing guides, handouts, graphic organizers, PD videos, and more. Your students will benefit from the flashcards, simulations, videos, and tutorials.

  4. Analytics, Insights, and Reporting

    Achieve’s Insights and Reporting feature provides powerful but user-friendly analytics at the individual student or whole class level. This elegant dashboard gives you and your administrators a window into student progress so lessons can be specifically tailored to students’ needs.

  5. Gradebook

    An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window into performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you give every student the support they need.

  6. Integration with Your LMS or Rostering System

    Our great content and resources plus your LMS and rostering systems are a match made in…integration. Achieve integrates with Clever, Classlink, and most common LMS systems.

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