Supported Systems


BFW Achieve offers integration with Clever rostering system, but we do not currently offer integration with Clever’s LMS Connect system.

Clever LMS Connect is a software aiming to facilitate Clever + LMS integrations. While we recognize and appreciate the innovations brought forth by our colleagues at Clever, BFW has our own proprietary rostering + LMS solution.

If rostering + LMS integration is what you desire, please contact your sales representative.

  • Admin Guide
  • Teacher Guide (No setup needed for teachers)

If you’ve worked with us previously to support a Classlink integration, you’ll be pleased to know seamless integration is now available with Achieve & Classlink. We no longer require .csv files for Classlink.

  • Admin Guide
  • Teacher Guide (No setup needed for teachers)

Google Classroom

For those using Google Classroom, we've launched deep integrations for a more streamlined user experience.


BFW supports integration with both Canvas LTI 1.0 and 1.3. Here’s what you need to know about each:

LTI 1.0 - You can sync content directly from Achieve; this can be done at the same time you assign the content in our courseware. Grade sync options are: Course Total, Category Total and Individual Assignments. Non graded items can be synced to Canvas modules

LTI 1.3 - Content sync is a separate step done within Canvas. Grade sync is limited to individual assignments. Only graded items can be synced to Canvas


If you plan to integrate Achieve with Schoology, we strongly recommend that you set up a Schoology LTI 1.3 integration. The LTI 1.1 Common Cartridge integration is no longer a supported LTI spec (read more here). LTI 1.3 provides an improved user experience and will allow the same integration to be used in future years.




Blackboard 1.3

Teacher Guides:


Moodle 1.3