Digital Offerings

At BFW, we offer tools for pre-class learning and post-class assessment. Each of our digital products also offers opportunities for instructors and students to provide feedback to us to continually improve our educational products.

LaunchPad For English I History I Government

SaplingPlus For STEM I Economics I Geography


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Why Digital? Why Now?

Now perhaps more than ever before, students and teachers need access to content, multi-media resources and support tools that meaningfully impact student outcomes, wherever learning happens. BFW’s digital solutions provide that to thousands of high schools across the country. Learn more about how LaunchPad, SaplingPlus and BFW’s e-book solutions can help your students before, during and after class.



Considering adopting one of our digital solutions?

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Getting Started

Ready to get started using LaunchPad or SaplingPlus? Check out these step-by-step videos that take you through getting your course created, selecting and assigning content, navigating available teacher and student resources, and more.

Get Started - LaunchPad

Get Started - SaplingPlus

Already checked out the training videos and ready for more in-depth LaunchPad or SaplingPlus training?

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Additional Support

Have an additional question or need more in-depth training? We’ve got you covered. 

Help Articles - LaunchPad

Help Articles - SaplingPlus

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