BFW Publishing Group consists of three distinct publishing houses—Bedford/St. Martin’s, W.H. Freeman, and Worth Publishers—and unlike some publishers, BFW is a privately owned company. We are proud of our extensive publishing history and our focus on our customers. Our authors consist of renowned leaders in their disciplines, recognized leaders in the AP® communities, and leading authorities on the AP® courses. They are Nobel Prize winners, award-winning novelists, and cutting-edge researchers. They are college professors and AP® teachers. They are in the classroom every day: just like you.


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At BFW, you’ll find publishers who know the challenges you face and who endeavor to face them with you. If you don’t think of BFW for your AP® and electives courses, you should. Our three houses share the conviction that what happens in the classroom matters, and that a good class, a good teacher, and superior content have the power to change the world—one student, one idea at a time.