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BFW’s Achieve online courseware integrates with the most popular rostering and LMS systems. Here, teachers, coordinators, and administrators will find guidance on how our solutions can enhance your classrooms.

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Key Comparisons

In case you’re new to integrations and unfamiliar with systems and features, these are the types of systems with which Achieve integrates:

Rostering System

A rostering system is a digital solution used to manage and organize the enrollment of students into classes or courses within educational institutions. It involves the process of assigning students to specific courses, teachers, and classrooms to ensure smooth operation of school logistics. This system plays a critical role in managing student data, including schedules, teacher assignments, and course enrollments, facilitating efficient administration and communication across the educational ecosystem.

Learning Management System (LMS)

An LMS is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. It provides educators, administrators, and learners with a single platform for delivering, organizing, tracking, and managing all types of content, including courses, curricula, and training programs. LMSs are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing access to educational content, facilitating collaboration between users, and offering tools for monitoring progress and performance in real-time.

Common popular integration features include:


  1. Single Sign-On Access (SSO): A user authentication process that permits a user to access multiple applications or systems with one set of credentials, streamlining the login process and enhancing security.
  2. Assignment Linking: The process of creating a direct connection between specific assignments or resources within different systems or platforms, allowing users to access these resources seamlessly from various locations.
  3. Self-enrollment: A feature that enables students to access courses without the need for administrative approval or intervention, often through a direct link.
  4. Auto-enrollment: An automated process where students are systematically added to their courses by the organization administrators.
  5. Automatic Grade Syncing/Grade Passback: The capability to send grades and assessment results from one platform (e.g., Achieve) back to another system (typically an LMS), enabling centralized tracking of student performance and progress.


Key Differences Between Achieve Rostering & LMS Integrations


Course Creation District and school course data is sent to the rostering system. BFW then pairs each shared course to the applicable purchased title to automatically create Achieve courses. Teachers create their own Achieve courses and then manually link each Achieve course 1:1 to each LMS course.
Student Enrollment District and school enrollment data is sent to the rostering system and used to automatically enroll teachers and students in their Achieve course(s). Teachers share registration instructions with students guiding them to self-enroll in the Achieve course via a teacher-added link in their LMS course.
Content Access Rostering services allows you to take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) apps like Classlink and Clever. Integrating one of these tools with BFW eliminates the need to manage an additional username and password for teachers and students. Integrating Achieve with an LMS allows teachers and students to access our content via their LMS single sign-on (SSO). This eliminates the need to manage an additional username and password.
Roster Changes Roster changes automatically update via overnight syncs. Roster changes are handled manually by the teacher via the LMS course or directly by the school/district via direct data syncs between the SIS and the LMS.
Publisher Content Links Not applicable Teachers can provide links in the LMS that open directly to specific activities in Achieve. This helps keep course materials organized in one location and makes it easier for teachers to provide our content at the right moment.
Grade Passback Not applicable Teachers can add links to Achieve assignments in their LMS course. The assignment grades automatically sync from Achieve to the LMS, so teachers do not have to keep track of multiple gradebooks.
Access to New Publisher Content The school/district tech admin should only share course data that will connect to purchased Achieve titles. BFW then pairs each course to the applicable title to create courses and enrollments in the following overnight sync. The teacher creates and links their Achieve course(s) and shares registration information with students.


At-a-Glance Differences


Course creation / rostering automatic teacher teacher
Single Sign On YES YES NO
Grade Passback NO YES NO
Manual / Auto Roster sync Auto nightly and manual available Manual - students must self-enroll in course via LMS N/A

Our Process

Ready to set up an integration? These are our processes for rostering and LMS integrations:

Rostering Integration Workflow LMS Integration Workflow