COVID-19 School Closures:
How can we help?

As more schools close due to the coronavirus, BFW is here to support your teaching and learning needs, on or off campus. Here are ways we can help:

College Board Updates: For AP® courses, find the latest information from College Board.   Visit the College Board Website

On-Demand Webinars

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AP® Updates: The (New) Line of Reasoning in AP® Lang

Robin Aufses, Lawrence Scanlon, and Megan Pankiewicz

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The Importance of Numerical Calculations in the AP® Environmental Science Course

Andrew Friedland

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Things We Learned at the American GoPo Reading: Helping your students answer FRQs

Karen Waples & Ben Singh

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Please be safe and contact your rep with any questions you may have as you determine how to best respond to the health considerations in your community.

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